Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's Wrong with the FDA?

The author of this post on the Masters in Health Care blog approached me seeking a cross-listing, and the topic seemed pertinent enough for this blog to me to oblige:

Now, a few comments. Several of these complaints seem to me to be right-on. Others seem somewhat ambiguous or even contradictory. For example, the writer seems disturbed both that the FDA might be too quick to act to protect the public safety (risking ruining the reputation of an industry that later turns out blameless) and also too slow in taking action to protect the public. My main question for the writer would be: the Obama administration put new leadership in place at the FDA, and we know the old adage about turning around either an ocean liner or else a Federal bureaucracy. Is there any evidence that any change for the better is occurring as a result? Or is it same ol', same ol', assuming enough time has passed to judge?

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