Friday, November 19, 2010

Couldn't Pass Up This Quote

In the last post on the ProPublica campaign, I mentioned the coverage in the Dallas Morning News, but had not actually read the final article:

Having now done so, I could not pass up this gem of a quote. The article focuses on physicians who have been disciplined by the Texas Medical Board and yet are paid large sums as speakers by drug companies. The article then proceeds to report interviews with several of the physicians. One is a Dallas psychiatrist, Dr. Dhiren Patel, who was accused by a patient of inappropriate sexual contact, a charge that was upheld by the licensing board:

"Patel denied the patient's allegations and defended the pharmaceutical fees. 'It's not my position to judge other physicians,' he said. 'I know many around this area who have done far worse and are paid by pharmaceuticals to speak.' "

How's that for a cogent ethical justification of one's actions?


Anonymous said...

Patel said, "...I know many [doctors] around this area [Dallas] who have done far worse...."

This is scary.

Unknown said...

I wish I was shocked, or surprised...But I am not.