Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Consumers Union Poll: Public Cares about Pharma Influence

Pharmapologists have long complained that pharmascolds like me fantasize that the U.S. public might lose trust in physicians if they knew all about the shenanigans that go on with Pharma influence, when in actual fact they don't give a darn or else are thrilled that their docs are big industry fans. I've addressed the data on this in a previous post:

Now Consumer Reports weighs in with a new poll conducted back in May and just released:

Basic findings:
  • 69% of Americans think drug makers have too much influence on physicians' prescribing decisions
  • Half say docs are too eager to whip out the drug prescription pad when a non-drug treatment option works just as well or better
  • 47% say gifts from the drug industry influence physicians to prescribe certain drugs
  • 41% worry that docs tend to prescribe newer and more expensive drugs
  • 51% grumble that docs don't consider a patient's ability to pay when prescribing

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COPD symptoms said...

I hear that docs don't care about the price they have to pay at the pharma retail outlets from patients all the time. Especially when it comes to asthma and COPD medications like Advair and Spiriva. Both are good drugs, don't get me wrong, they're just expensive. Granted there aren't generics available of these drugs yet (will there ever be?), but the patients I talk to wonder why the doc didn't give them a few months supply of freebies in the office.

Also, we see patients who don't have asthma who are prescribed inhalers because they had a cold. When you talk to the doc, their answer is, "well, the patient came to me to get something; so I gave it to them." Sounds a little irresponsible to me.