Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Quick News Updates

During the last two weeks when I was away on vacation and blessedly mostly out of e-mail range, a number of news items occurred, some of which were even good news. For instance:

The New York Times business page warned that the FDA might be getting serious about slapping down cosmetic doctors who play fast and loose with unapproved indications for drugs in their marketing messages. Perhaps a sign that under the present administration, the FDA may have returned to its mission of regulating the drug industry, instead of just making nice?

An AP business interview with the new CEO of Glaxo, Andrew Witty, who has a couple of pretty radical ideas--first that his company has an obligation to address health concerns in the developing world even among populations that cannot afford to pay top dollar for brand-name drugs; and second, that maybe to properly discover useful new drugs, you actually needs teams of scientists with brains, rather than machines on autopilot that screen thousands of molecules per hour.

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