Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prescrire Now Has English Edition

I was delighted to receive this e-mail:

I’m a French GP and editor with the continuing education journal Prescrire (French and English edition), and I’m a regular visitor at your blog. My CME organization publishes comparative effectiveness reviews, see the 2008 review of new drugs for instance Prescrire is totally funded by subscribers and accepts no advertising, grants or outside support of any kind.

Best, Christophe Kopp
Prescrire editorial team

I admit to being slow off the starting block on Prescrire. Based on all the international e-mail traffic I am aware of, this is a truly excellent source of evidence-based, non-commercially-biased drug information, that I believe few US users are aware of. I am pleased to add the Prescrire-English link to this blog, and thank Dr. Kopp for writing.

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