Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Public Announcement Regarding New Documentary Produced by Scientology-Related Group

Some time ago I was asked by a group doing a documentary about problems with psychiatric drugs to do a filmed interview about my research into the drug industry, as summarized in HOOKED.

I was assured at that time that this was an independent project, despite the fact that the documentary group had ties to the Church of Scientology.

I subsequently became better educated about the many underhanded and dishonest methods used by Scientology to attack the practice of psychiatry and the use of psychotropic medications. Readers of this blog will be aware that I have many issues with how psychiatry is often practiced today, but I cannot endorse across-the-board condemnations and certainly cannot endorse positions that are ideologically motivated and not well grounded in medical evidence.

I then contacted the producers of the documentary and asked that my segment be deleted and notified them that I was withdrawing my consent to participate. They refused to accommodate this request.

I am now advised that the documentary, Making a Killing, is being circulated, though I have not seen a copy of it and cannot judge whether any remarks I am quoted as making are accurate or not or are in context or not. The fact that I was included in the film after specifically objecting, and was given no opportunity to fact-check my segment, would seem to indicate that the tactics used by Scientologists in their anti-psychiatry campaign are indeed as dishonest and underhanded as their critics charge.

I regret very much allowing myself to have become involved in this project and would like it to be known that I disown and disapprove of the final product and the way that it has been disseminated.


Anonymous said...

They are now marketing the production.

Originally Posted by Nancy Vaughan, Nov 8th:
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“…the psychs with their rantings and electric shocks wear their own brand clearly marked on them by their own conduct in life.

“Recognize them for what they are – psychotic criminals – and handle them accordingly.”

This DVD rips the mask off and exposes a brutal but well-entrenched money-making machine that is creating the wave of violence that is devastating our children, homes, schools and communities.

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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Another blogger is promoting the film on youtube:

The "documentary" is available in 11 parts on Youtube:










Anonymous said...

You were more than a bit ingenuous, allowing yourself to be interviewed by a group associated with the "church" of Scientology.

Had you researched a bit, you would have learned two things.
1. Scientology hates the mental health field.

2. Scientology lies.

Recently, teams of Scientology "film makers" have trolled protests, telling participants they're not connected with the Scientology organization and requesting interviews.

As a professional in the mental health field, I find it hard to believe you didn't know about Scientology's rabid and utterly insane opposition to psychology and psychiatry! Don't you know? Vitamins and exercise are all you really need, and mental illness is a myth promoted by pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs.

Well, now you know. And a person in your position can do some good by educating yourself about Scientology and spreading the word to your colleagues.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Brody, thanks for your post and clear articulation of your position which is critical but founded on the efficacy of pscyhopharmacology.

I am sad you were duped, as thousands if not millions of others have been. Indeed, all anti-Scientology activists were once duped into thinking Scientology was a harmless organization.

It is not. Thousands have been damaged, died or committed suicide because of its medical malpractice and psychological cruelty.

Scientology's War on Psychiatry and its infiltration of society is a serious matter. I hope you and other medical ethicists will continue to investigate and speak up about these abuses.

Recently, the Governor of Maryland appointed to the Board of the University of Maryland John P. Coale, a high ranking Scientology trial lawyer who participated in the Ritalin class-action lawsuits brought not just against its manufacturer, Novartis, but also a professional association, the American Psychiatric Association, and a patient advocacy group, Adults and Children with Attention Deficit Disorder.

As a Scientologist, Coale, who happens to be the husband of Greta Van Susteren, is committed to Scientology's campaign for the Global Obliteration of Psychiatry to which organized Scientology devotes millions of dollars. In short, if Mr. Coale had his way as a Scientologist, all mental health professions at UMMS would be shut down and replaced by Hubbard Tech.

In a Scientology world, the Institute for the Medical Humanities would be abolished with great glee. Among other things, your research on placebo effects would destroy even further Scientology's dangerous claims to efficacy of Hubbard Tech.

The devious and viciousness of organized Scientology are well worth ethics investigation, and hope you and others will begin the task.

Anonymous said...

You may not have been the only one duped. Check out the plethora of other experts which were dragged into this:

tiptoe said...

scientology = bull