Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wisconsin Medical Society: Avoid Drug Company Gifts, Period

What the AMA House of Delegates didn't have the guts, or the good sense, to do back in June, the Wisconsin Medical Society has now done, as noted by several of our fellow blogs. The core language of their recent statement to their members is:

Physicians shall accept no gifts from any provider of products that they prescribe to their patients such as personal items, office supplies, food, travel and time costs, or payment for participation in on-line CME. A complete ban eases the burdens of compliance, biased decision making, and patient distrust.

The press release is dated Oct. 16 and can be found at

See how short and sweet it can be when you cut through the garbage and get straight to the point?

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Anonymous said...

This is a self-imposed restriction as it is impossible for anyone from industry to know who these members are. It is up to the Wisconsin MD to say they follow this. See how easy it really isn't?