Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apologies for Advertising Disguised as Reader Comments

Among the many things I did not know about blogging when I undertook to set up this blog is that there is a particular species of subhuman beast that attempts to avertise some product or service by posting "comments" on blogs like this one. The typical form is: "This is a very interesting post. Your readers may be interested to know that Phallix, a drug that give men huge erections that last for 3 months, is available for only $9.99 at your local pharmacy."

I have this blog set up to send me an e-mail when a reader posts a comment. Somehow these advertisers appear to know how to bypass that notification system. I do have control as blogger to pemanently eliminate any comments that I wish to, and whenever I discover one of these ads, I do so. (Those are the only comments that I have ever eliminated, as we have been very fortunate in not attracting comments that are full of obscenities, for instance.) However it may be some time between when the ad appears and when I come across it (or as happened in this latest case, when another faithful reader pointed it out to me). In the meantime please forgive this defacement of a blog that aims to provide noncommercial and valid information.

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Roy M. Poses MD said...

Glad to see you are on the air again. Hope things are improving in Houston and Galveston.

The sorts of spam comments you discuss is one reason why we on Health Care Renewal ( resorted both to comment moderation and the use of word verification. The latter is a technique meant to discourage "spam bots," software that automatically place spam comments on blogs. You can turn on comment moderation (which will require you to approve each comment) and word verification from the "comment" page reached from the "settings" page of Google Blogger.

It may also be worth thinking about a more or less formal policy about which comments you will exclude. We have one posted on our sidebar, as an example.

Good luck, but at least the appearance of spam comments implies you are getting a bigger readership.