Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Announcing NPA's Unbranded Doctor Campaign

I am happy to be asked by my friends in the National Physician's Alliance to let everyone know about the launch of their Unbranded Doctor Campaign: http://unbrandeddoctor.org/

I was at the NPA annual meeting, which they had the great kindness to hold in Houston so it was only an hour's drive, and was able to learn a lot about the launch of this important campaign to start to retrieve medical professionalism from the forces of commercialism.

I have only one small bone to pick with the campaign. I don't see it up live yet on the website, but at the NPA meeting, I was able to see a preview version of the campaign's store, where one can (eventually) purchase T-shirts, backpacks, hats, buttons, and a variety of gizmos to show patients and colleagues that one supports this effort. I believe that there was also an Unbranded wall clock for the heavy hitters. But to my surprise and dismay, I did not see Unbranded coffee mugs or pens!! How better to declare one's independence from the drug industry gravy train? I trust this deficiency will be remedied without delay.

NOTE ADDED 4/2/08: I'm informed by the NPA office that while it is true they do not (as yet anyway) sell pens, they will have mugs available! Sorry for the error.

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Anonymous said...

We just went unbranded in Maine. I think we'll have to work on pens..... one thing we actually need, as most of them were pharma's! I have an unbranded cup sitting on my desk with some steaming Java in it!