Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Is Pharmageddon Coming? Write and Earn 1,000 Euros

An organization in the UK called Social Audit is worried about "Pharmageddon," which they define as: "the prospect of a world in which medicines and medicine produce more ill-health than health, and when medical progress does more harm than good". They are concerned about what they see as the twin problems of the over-medication of the wealthy world and the under-medication of the developing world. They attribute this state of affairs to a "conspiracy of goodwill"--various parties all want to do good, but are driven by a highly competitive marketplace into behavior that ultimately undermines their good intentions.

Social Audit hopes to have a conference on "Pharmageddon" in the future and with that in mind is inviting writings on this topic, and offering prizes of 1,000 euros for the best material submitted. See:


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