Monday, November 8, 2010

From Health Care Renewal: Logical Fallacies in Epstein's Denunciation of COI Reg

Just a quick cross-post to our colleagues at the Health Care Renewal blog:

Dr. Roy Poses discusses a recent blog posting by Prof. Richard Epstein of the University of Chicago and New York University law schools (funny thing; as an academic I have always found it as much as I could manage to work for one institution at a time; I never tried working for two). (Link to Epstein posting is in URL above) Prof. Epstein is a strong defender of the so-called free market and believes that undue restrictions on financial conflicts of interest are stifling important innovation in Pharma. (What else would you expect? The blog on which he posted his comments is called "The Libertarian.") One of Dr. Poses' special hobbies, which warms my philosophical heart, is to analyze people's arguments in search of logical fallacies. He finds a whole raft of them in Epstein's recent post and lists them all for your edification.

For earlier mention of Prof. Epstein in this blog, see

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